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Mind Your Money: 2017-2018 Tax Scenario Comparisons

In this episode of Mind Your Money with #PeteBacote of the Sentarus Group, da Vinci Parks and Pete discuss the differences between filing for your 2017 and 2018 taxes.  A deeper dive into how married couples, single individuals and single parents will fare differently between filing for 2017 and 2018 tax years.  All of this and more on this podcast geared towards tax tips and preparedness. #MYM

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Mind Your Money – How Do I Know When To Hire A Tax Pro?

In this episode of Mind Your Money #with Pete Bacote of the Sentarus Group, da Vinci Parks talks charitable deductions, medical expenses, filing statuses such as Single, Head of Household, etc.  All of this and more on this podcast geared towards tax tips and preparedness. #MYM

Slli’m Williams Interview (from the Vault)

Back when Flash/Black was first getting ramped up, da Vinci Parks sat down to do a test interview with eventual member of The Usual Suspects: Slli’m WIlliams.  Check out this interview from the Vault and get a little back story from one of Flash/Black’s earliest hosts/contributors.

Culture Shock: Jennifer Barefoot Smith Interview

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we present our latest profile interview: Jennifer Barefoot Smith.  Jennifer hails from Boston, and as such, has a wealth of information about the inner workings of her home town, and what makes it tick.  Tune in to learn about Jennifer’s upbringing, her roots dem, and her lifelong connection with education and how it has impacted/informed her life.  With a nearly two hour run-time, this one is packed with greta conversation and plenty of information.

Mind Your Money: 4th Quarter Checkup

Flash/Black :radio: correspondent da Vinci Parks sits down with Pete Bacote to discuss: The 4th Quarter Checkup

  • What is it?
  • The reason you do a 4th quarter check up
  • You should have a plan in place
  • Explaining the W4 and it’s significance

Author, Cerece Rennie Murphy

Cerece Rennie Murphy – 8-20-2017

Author, Cerece Rennie Murphy  On August 20, 2017, Flash/Black :radio: correspondent da Vinci Parks sat down with author/novelist, Cerece Rennie Murphy.  During this profile interview, you will be able to learn about some of the struggles and setbacks Mrs. Murphy encountered on her journey to becoming a full-time author.  More importantly, you will learn about the life affirming lessons she learned that gave her the strength and courage to embrace the writer within.

It is not easy casting off the shackles of the 9 – 5 work world to do something like write full time.  Even more challenging to do so with a spouse and children to consider.  Listen to how this mother of twi, wife, and creative dynamo has dared to follow her star and attain her truth.

Entrepreneurs, aspiring and active writers/creatives, this is one interview you definitely want to check out!

You can find Cerece’s books at, and follow her at: | @cerecermurphy (IG & Twitter) | @getnarazu (Twitter)

Mind Your Money: Equifax Breach / Protecting Your Identity

Flash/Black :radio: correspondent da Vinci Parks sits down with Pete Bacote to discuss: The Equifax breach: What is it, and why is it important?

  • Pull your credit –
  • Ask for a credit freeze
  • What your credit score can impact
  • Tips and Tricks –
    • Junk Mail disposal
    • Online bill payment
    • Credit monitoring
    • Stop getting junk mail
  • Why KEEPING credit monitoring services is important!

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Culture Shock: Lawrence Green of Time Traveling Media

Time Traveling Media LogoDa Vinci Parks sits down with DC resident, filmmaker, and DJ, Lawrence Green of Time Traveling Media to discuss the road towards independent filmmaking and entrepreneurship.  This is hopefully the first of many conversations; check it out now!

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Enhance Your Finances: Talking Taxes with Pete Bacote

Flash/Black:Radio: welcomes Mr. Pete Bacote of the Sentarus Group (@SentarusGroup), as we discuss financial wellness, getting your taxes in order, and being smart with your retirement investments.  One of the tenets of Flash/Black:Radio: is getting your financial house in order, so check out this podcast and remember to tell a friend!
Pete Bacote

Image of Drew "Droopy: The Broke Baller" Anderson

Flash/Black:Radio: Welcomes Droopy the Broke Baller

Recorded 12/4/2016

Droopy the Broke Baller and 13 of Nazareth stop by for a sit-down with da Vinci Parks and Slli’m Williams.  In the interview, many folks are shouted out (sometimes incorrectly), da Vinci Parks says “Like” way too much, Droopy talks about education, art, and a bouillabaisse of the two–and gives great interview–all on Flash/Black:Radio:!

From Neophyte to Nazareth: An Interview with 13 of Nazareth

13 of Nazareth

Flash/Black:Radio: host da Vinci Parks sits down with spoken word and hip-hop artist 13 of Nazareth for an in-depth understanding of how he evolved into one of the most prolific contemporary poets of today.  13 discusses his upbringing and the circumstances that led him to explore being a writer/rapper/poet.

Building Your Financial Legacy

Building Your Financial Legacy

In this podcast, our host da Vinci Parks sits down with guests Alicia Gordon and Derrick Johnson to talk about building legacy through life insurance, 40l(k) plans, annuities and mutual funds.  Both guests are well-versed in financial products/awareness, and bring that knowledge to this podcast to begin the conversation about diversifying and building wealth and financial legacy.  Ms. Gordon has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. In part, she worked for a major bank, monitoring financial advisors to ensure that they made suitable and appropriate investment decisions for their clients. I am currently a VP in compliance for a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO).  Mr. Johnson is an insurance agent and has access to multiple products ranging from annuities to universal life insurance to term life insurance.  Mr. Johnson has been selling insurance since 1999.


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