Too often have I personally bemoaned the news and entertainment directed at me (and people that look like me) as trivial, insulting, and damaging to the fabric and perception of the people it’s supposed to represent, inform, or entertain. It has been my feeling that “Reality Television” too often depicts black women as shallow, angry, combative, conniving and loud, while it in turn depicts black men as violent, dishonest, disloyal (to their women and children), and unreliable. Meanwhile, many in the Hispanic and Asian communities find little to no representation, and much of what they do find tends to lack dimension, often playing to tired stereotypes.

By choosing to be a part of Flash/Black, you can add your voice to the growing collective that demands better representation and accountability from the content providers they choose.  Remember, you have a choice in whatever media you consume.  We are not perfect.  We are flawed because we are human, but, we choose to acknowledge and celebrate the beauty of our people in as many facets of life as humanly possible.  There is a power in recognizing that you do have a choice.  There is power in you.

There is power in the recognition that we are all minorities in some regard, and accepting that rather than considering ourselves as such, empowers us to choose to become a multicolored majority. We all are a part of the human race, and we all come from one place and one source. Let’s Flash/Black to a remembrance of this, and embrace each other.


H. J. Lee Bennett, III AKA DaVinci Parks
Founder/CEO, Flash/Black