In recognition of the lack of diversity and reinforcement of a positive narrative pertaining to people of color within the mainstream media (Radio, TV, Film, News, Entertainment, Print, etc.), Flash/Black hopes to mitigate this disparity by filling this space. We at Flash/Black endeavor to address issues that we feel push the collective conversation pertaining to proper representation and empowerment in a progressive and positive manner. Our initial focus will be on the varied aspects of health and wellness—Mental and Physical Health and Wellness, Financial Health and Wellness, and exploring how these states of being are interconnected in the grand scheme of our daily lives, as these areas tie directly into how we view ourselves, others, and how we are viewed.

While we can’t guarantee that we can fill said space in its entirety, nor can we be all things to all people, the goal is to provide a space for a truly diversified multicultural experience. We do not expect this to be a space where everyone happily agrees with everything, but we do hope to spark a genuine conversation on the myriad matters relevant to us and within a space where even if we don’t change your view, you’ll gain more perspective.

What we are is a growing progressive collective of diverse people with diverse interests, thoughts, and experiences. This is a space where we aim to celebrate this unabashedly, in part by actively disassociating ourselves from the negative narratives and stereotypes that seek to destroy the possibility of a diverse and unified multi-colored collective.

What we are not is a forum for hate. Quite simply, the desire to shout down hate is largely why this movement is being implemented. In order to do so, there will be instances where direct truth-to-power speaking and action is required in order for us to move forward as a more unified collective. In other words, the need to strip the lies away from the truth may sound harsh at times, but it’s necessary for us all to grow towards a better version/vision of ourselves. Everything done within this space should be done with love (at the risk of sounding like a hippie), and complaining without a positive plan of action by any party, including myself, should be quickly addressed and corrected.

Flash/Black promotes the ideals of financial empowerment, social/cultural enrichment and diversity, and the mental and physical health and wellness of our audience.  Flash/Black strives to nix negative narratives, promote positivity, and provide a new perspective for the multicolored collective!


H. J. Lee Bennett, III AKA DaVinci Parks
Founder/CEO, Flash/Black