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SYMHM:12-03-2017 – Let’s Talk About Sex(ual Conduct)

Flash/Black: radio: $#!+ You Might Have Missed (SYMHM) Logo    12-03-2017 – The Usual Suspects (K. Savage (Kristy), Tee Rich, Slli’m Williams, and da Vinci Parks (Lee Bennett, III) sit down for this weeks episode of SYMHM to discuss:

We’re back!!!  The Usual Suspects sit down to discuss everything from what is considered appropriate behavior in the work place to unsolicited d*ck pics.  Unpacking sexual misconduct, relationship oversharing, overstepping boundaries, recognizing boundaries, how popular culture reflects these issues–and the sliding scale of misogyny and feminism.  We discuss this, and much, much more.  Come ready to laugh and learn.



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