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SYMHM: 10/15/2017 – Authenticity, Social Media, and “My Name Is Florida…Florida!”

Flash/Black: radio: $#!+ You Might Have Missed (SYMHM) Logo  10/15/2017 – The Usual Suspects (K. Savage (Kristy), T. Rich, Slli’m Williams, and da Vinci Parks (Lee Bennett, III)) along with special guests Henny, Mario and Cam sit down for this weeks episode of SYMHM to discuss:

  • Waka Flock Flame doesn’t like to be called  “Black”
  • Waka on voting
  • Harvey Weinstein, Mayim Bialik and James Corden
  • Rose Mcgowan
  • Tom Cotton and the Iran Deal
  • Bibi Netanyahu and Iran deal from the perspective of an Israeli citizen
  • Denise Young Smith, Apple’s President of Diversity (?)
  • What is Diversity?
  • Authenticity versus Representation
  • Social Media…and much more!

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